Letter from 34th Street Editor-in-Chief Nick Joyner

For Valentine's Day this year, we wanted to collect stories that gestured to the reality of love as we feel it: messy, sticky, weird, and something we can't claim to fully understand.

The result is a colorful hybrid of staff pieces and reader submissions that blurs the boundaries between us and the larger Penn community. Regardless of what your Valentine's Day plans are, we hope going through this project is a part of them. And like us, we hope these stories make you laugh, cry and think — it's only right.

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34th Street Essay Contest

On Finding Love through Freshman Hallcest

Falling for your Quad neighbor is risky business.

Cleaning Out The Closet

What it means to date someone who's not open about their sexuality

When You Realized You Loved Me Too Late

On confusing friendship, bad timing, and self–discovery

34th Street Arts & Entertainment

LGBTQ Romance on the Big Screen

Where is the (LGBTQ) love?

LOVEJOY: The Perfect Valentine's Day Album For Penn Students

Anderson .Paak explores the moody in–betweenness of adolescence with a touch of funk.

Foreign Movies to Watch Alone for Valentine's Day

Snuggle up and turn on the subtitles.

34th Street Style & Ego

Long Distance Love at Penn: Not As Tough As You Think

Relationship tips from those that make it work.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Level of Relationship

How to have the right gift for any occasion, from a DFMO to a date.

Ego Of The Week: Allie Rubin and Jake Fischer

You voted on Jake and Allie for Penn's cutest couple. Now, they're back—just in time for Valentine's Day.

34th Street Video

The Daily Pennsylvanian News

Couple who met at Penn introduce new book on 'building a love that lasts'

"I think it's wonderful to see the manifestation of a couple that can have fun together especially while doing academically-rigorous work," said Jennifer Beatty, a Penn graduate who knows the couple.

In yearly tradition, Penn Glee Club serenades students and Amy Gutmann

The Glee Club is working with Penn KDSAP, or Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program, to help fund free health screenings in medically-underserved communities in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia was ranked one of the top romantic cities in the nation

Maintaining its No. 4 spot for the second year, Philadelphia was out-romanced by Boston — who took the No. 1 spot for the second year — and Atlanta and Austin.

The Daily Pennsylvanian Opinion

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More Articles

34th Street Essay Contest

Finding Love an Ocean Away

I thought you had to be stupid to be happy. Until I fell in love.

On Loving Someone You Know You Shouldn't

Some things don't fit neatly into boxes.

If Love Was for a Grade

On unrequited love and crushing on your professor.

TI–84 Calculators and Theoretical Love

Einstein, but this time hotter.

Janey Said Yes

How a 50–year–long romance changed my perspective on love

Stuck in a First Love

When love turned into a mind game.

Facts and Fictions about Love

Platonic love is underrated.

Crossing the Stage

When someone you love graduates, but your joint routines remain.

Love Songs and Other Things I'll Never Write

Where music and memories intersect

An Ode to Coffee

Coffee means more than caffeination.

34th Street Arts & Entertainment

Street's Guide to Artsy First Dates in Philly

The best installations, galleries, and exhibits to take in on a first date.

Behind the LOVE Statue

So much more than a tourist spot.

Vagina Monologues: On Rehearsals and Criticism Ahead of this Year's Show

How intersectionality and change figure in to V–Day's 18th annual production.

Netflix and Chill: Valentine's Edition

Save yourself the $10.25 you'd spend on Fifty Shades Freed.

The Pinnacle of Rom–Coms: Bollywood Blockbusters

A look into one of the world's most popular genres in honor of Valentine's Day.

'80s Movies Worth Rewatching

Movies that will get you to hold a boom box outside your crush's window this Valentine's Day.

Feminist Film Theory and the Rom-Com

A feminist take on everyone's favorite love stories.

Classic Romantic Movies That Prove Love is Dumb

When you have no one to embrace, embrace cynicism.

A Playlist for Single People on Valentine's Day

We came up with a few lonely songs for the lonely.

Crank Up the Heat with Street's Hook-Up Playlist

The top five songs for adding a little spice to your Valentine's Day.

Songs to Listen to this Valentine's Day

A roundup of the best love songs of 2017, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Album Review: Blood by Rhye

This may be the sexiest album ever made, but some of the lyrics fall short of their deep intentions.

The Science of Music and Love

The connection is very real.

Re-Finding Romance in Art History's Famous Kisses

Forget the noncommittal culture of Penn with these portraits of true love.

The Art of Non–Cheesy Love Poems

So you can read it without laughing.

Bring Back the Valentine's Day Card

A call to send one to me.

DIY Crafts for Your Special Valentine

A box of chocolate and flowers isn't going to cut it anymore.

34th Street Style & Ego

Restaurant Round–up: Where to Eat Alone on Valentine's Day

Treat yo'self and feed yo'self this February 14.

Date Yourself this Valentine's Day

Self-care tips for treating yourself this V Day.

69th Street: On Valentine's Day

John's and Hannah take on this ever–relevant holiday.

On Valentine's Day, Bathrooms, and Community: Penn Non-Cis' Brennan Burns

Penn Non-Cis' financial chair discusses the club's growth and future.

Dear Penn Freshmen is Relaunching for Valentine's Day

The updated Dear Penn Freshmen website will offer new letters offering advice and guidance.

Having Feelings for a Hookup is Okay

I'm done pretending I'm okay with emotionless relationships.

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