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Dining Guide Fall 2017 | 34th Street Magazine

Step outside the Penn bubble and see what one of America's greatest food cities has to offer. An expert staff of 34th Street writers, photographers, and designers have handpicked a few culinary delights from in and around Philadelphia.


Walnut Street Cafe: From Cold Brew to Cocktails

If the food isn't enough to convince you to come by, know that going to Walnut Street Cafe is an experience in itself.

Blue Duck on Broad: Go for the 'Gram not the Food

Not a huge fan, but do it from the 'gram.

Five Easy Breakfasts to Stop Wasting Money On

Save cash and calories by making these simple recipes at home.


Pizza Dad's: A Hidden Treasure

A thoughtful and unique twist on your average pizza.

Love & Honey Fried Chicken: Chicken with Soul

Easily Philly’s best chicken shop of the moment with unbelievable sides and mouth–watering desserts. Run, don’t walk.

Goldie: Fala-Full of Flavor

Goldie is golden — come for vegan, kosher eats that will transport you to Israel. Don't miss: Have we mentioned the falafel enough times? No? Not enough?

Rosa's Pizza: An Ellen Degeneres-Approved Philanthropic Restaurant

Next time you are in Center City, be sure to look out for Rosa’s Fresh Pizza for the best cheap slice you could hope for.

How I Live with a
Life–Threatening Food Allergy

One slice of Allegro on a Friday night, and I end up in the emergency room.


Cheu's New Restaurant Is About Way More Than Noodles

Three words: kick ass noods.

Bow Down to Bao-logy

Embrace the nuanced flavors of modern Taiwanese street food.

Sate Kampar Will Sate Your Cravings

Skewered meats and coconut flavored foods will make you feel like you're picking street food in Malaysia.


10Below's Rolled Ice Cream Is a Perfect Ten

10Below's rolled ice cream is so good you'll forget you're in the US.

Best Cooking Shows for Your Personality

Feast your eyes on some of the best show's TV has to offer.

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